Pride by Side supports initiatives and organisations that are creating positive outcomes for LGBTIQ+ people or communities.

We work with nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses, and governments around the world to help them build their internal capacity and strengthen their connections within the LGBTIQ+ ecosystem.

We do this by helping initiatives better understand their capacity needs, matching them with experts, collating resources, and creating a range of other opportunities such as workshops and events.

With less than 0.026% of global philanthropy directed to LGBTIQ+ causes, Pride by Side aims to turbocharge queer and ally-led efforts to make the world a better place for the community.

A participant of a Pride by Side workshop talking and smiling with others, arm outstretched.
A group shot of participants at a Pride by Side workshop
The Pride by Side team on the rooftop of Google HQ in Sydney.


Capacity includes all the things an initiative needs to do and have to be successful. We often talk about capacity as the following:

1 · Impact and evaluation

e.g. impact strategy, outcomes measurement, theory of change, etc.

2 · Business and Governance

e.g. business strategy, financial modelling, operations, reporting, policy, etc.

3 · User and ecosystem

e.g. stakeholder engagement, research and insights, user mapping, co-design, etc.

4 · branding and communications

e.g. marketing strategy, branding, messaging and storytelling, social media strategy, etc.

5 · Systems and processes

e.g. internal processes, knowledge management, technical infrastructure, etc.

6 · People and Culture

e.g. wellbeing, values, diversity and equity, leadership, employee lifecycle, etc.

7 · LGBTIQ+ perspectiveS and experience

e.g. lived experience, advocacy, networks, community, intersectionality, etc.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. See the about page for more information

A group shot of participants of a Pride by Side workshop

“I’m feeling completely rejuvenated and motivated to keep going with the work we do, even though it can be hard at times. ”


Below are some of the faces and organisations we've collaborated with, supported, or have been supported by:


Capacity building workshops

Capacity building workshops



Pride by Side

Initiatives across Asia-Pacific (APAC) working towards improved outcomes for LGBTIQ+ people and communities are under-resourced, underfunded, disconnected from each other, and stretched beyond their capacity.

Google.org, as part of Sydney World Pride 2023, provided funding to 13 LGBTIQ+ organisations from across the Asia-Pacific region, and invited Pride by Side to work with the funded orgs to build skills, capacity, and connectedness. Engagement commenced with an intensive, 2-day workshop in Sydney, Australia, and will continue with ongoing,bespoke support.

Branding and communication

Business and governance

Impact and evaluation

User and ecosystem

LGBTIQ+ perspectives and experience

Strategy and impact recommendations

Strategy and impact recommendations




In the wake of COVID-19, APCOM, Asia's largest NGO focussed on HIV/AIDS wanted to reaffirm its impact metrics and better understand how to best serve its communities.

Impact measurement specialists, spur:, provided analysis and research to underpin recommendations for APCOM's future strategy, and in assessing the potential impact of those future projects.

Impact and evaluation

LinkedIn strategy

LinkedIn strategy

The Equality Project


The Social Story Co.

In preparation for their "Better Together" conference, The Equality Project wanted to better leverage and engage key audiences via LinkedIn.

As experts in impactful social media, The Social Story Co. created a bespoke LinkedIn Strategy to help support The Equality Project's work not only for the conference, but well into the future.

Branding and communication

Impact measurement strategy

Impact measurement strategy

Fairer Victoria



Fairer Victoria, the group responsible for advising state government on embedding inclusion, access, and participation, wanted to measure progress towards a Victoria that is safe, well, and equitable for LGBTIQ+ communities.

As experts in impact measurement, spur: helped develop a strategic approach on which an outcomes framework could be built.

Impact and evaluation

LGBTIQ+ perspectives and experience



Word Pride Workshop Summary

In February, Pride by Side two days of intensive, capacity building workshops for Google.org funded LGBTIQ+ initiatives from across Asia Pacific. How did it go? Pretty darn great—but don't take our work for it, read the report to find out more!



UNLEASH Plus is a 6-month incubation program for early-stage social entrepreneurs who have a great idea and a phenomenal team. Pride by Side and UNLEASH Plus are pairing up to ensure a proportion of places in UNLEASH Plus are set aside for initiatives that benefit LGBTIQ+ communities. Applications are now open.

New collaboration


City2Surf is Australia's largest annual fun-run with over 60,000 participants, and this year, we're running to raise funds for Pride by Side. You can make a donation or create a fundraising team of your own (even if you're not running).


Google.org funding

Pride by Side is delighted to announce that has been selected by Google.org—along with 13 other LGBTIQ+ organisations across Asia Pacific—to receive funding in recognition of World Pride 2023.



Get support

Are you an organisation or initiative that is looking to create better outcomes for LGBTIQ+ people or communities but needs a little extra support?

Fill out our request for support form via the link below and we'll find you the perfect expert to collaborate with. Support is free for small charities.


Offer expertise

Do you have skills that LGBTIQ+ initiatives could benefit from? Apply now to be an expert! It takes only a minute to sign-up.

Experts mostly provide their expertise on a volunteer basis, though there are sometimes paid opportunities, too.



Pride by Side is run by a small but super dedicated team of volunteers.

So, every dollar we receive goes a long way to helping us broker support and resources for LGBTIQ+ initiatives.


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