Pride by Side wants to help create world that is safe, just, and equitable for LGBTIQ+ communities—but we know there is a long way yet to go.

Myriad grassroots initiatives, NGOs, corporate projects, government departments, social enterprises, businesses, individuals, and everything in between are working towards outcomes for LGBTIQ+ people.

They all share a common purpose, however, they also share under-resourcing, underfunding, disconnection from each other, and being stretched beyond their capacity.

The statistics are sobering, painting a clear picture that LGBTIQ+ initiatives need more funding, more capacity, and more connectedness—which is what Pride by Side provides.

MORE than

of LGBTIQ+ initiatives report not having the right resources, capacity, or skillsets to achieve their goals.

Pride by Side, 2020

Less than

of funding and resourcing from governments, philanthropists, foundations, or donors goes to LGBTIQ+ specific causes (on average).

GiveOUT, 2022

WhAT our work LOOKS LIKE

As our work is bespoke depending on who we collaborate with, what "we do" can look different at different times. Below explains the type of work we do to help build capacity and community.

Examples of what can happen when we directly pair initiatives with experts:

Strategic development

Creation of a strategic plan or artefacts. e.g. government engagement strategy.

Operational execution

Provision of additional logistical capacity to help deliver key work. e.g. social media experts to create content.


One-to-one support and coaching as a "sage on the side". e.g. leadership mentoring, feedback loops, etc.

Examples of other work Pride by Side leads to help support the LGBTIQ+ sector beyond matching initiatives to expertise:


Design and facilitation of workshops and learning sessions to support LGBTIQ+ initiatives.

Capacity building advocacy

Advocating for programs to allocate resources to queer initiatives. e.g. funding or opportunities.


Leading or collaborating research efforts to better understand the needs of LGBTIQ+ initiatives.

Community building

Curation of events and other opportunities for  LGBTIQ+ initiatives to meet, share, connect, and learn.

Collation of resources

Centralising knowledge, opportunities, and resourcing. e.g. LGBTIQ+ initiative database.

NB: Pride by Side does not provide funding. However, we can, for example, pair an initiative with an expert who to help develop a funding strategy.


Pride by Side is underpinned by an ethos of measuring what matters: outcomes, not just outputs. This is important to us, the LGBTIQ+ community, and anyone we work with to understand that the work we do makes a tangible, meaningful difference.

Below is Pride by Side's summarised impact model:




· Initiatives effectively achieving their impact goals that contribute to a world that is safe, just and, equitable for LGBTIQ+ communities.

· Supported initiatives effectively achieving their impact goals.


· Initiatives better understand their capacity needs.
· Initiatives have the increased capacities they need to create greater impact.

· Initaitives self assessing on how well capacity has been identified and increased.


· Creation of capacity building, knowledge building, and community building opportunities.

· Number of workshops, pairings, projects, research projects delivered by Pride by Side.


Olivia Roney

Olivia Roney

Olivia is a social entrepreneur and impact practitioner based in Sydney. She is admitted as a lawyer and works for the Australian Pro Bono Centre, the peak for pro bono legal work.

A Foundation for Young Australians Young Social Pioneer and winner of a Good Design Award for Social Impact, she uses her backgrounds in social impact, design, policy, law and entrepreneurship for innovative approaches to social and legal change.


Lee Crockford

Lee Crockford is a social impact advisor and non-executive director working to solve complex global challenges through co-design, impact measurement, and behaviour change.

His work spans mental health, education, environment, technology, and justice across private, public, and non-profit sectors. He is a strategist, speaker, and facilitator.

Lee Crockford
Ravi Bodanam


Ravi is an experienced marketing professional with a focus on strategic communications and stakeholder relations.

He is passionate about equity, social justice and making a difference in the community.



"We were consistently impressed and grateful to the spur: team for both the way in which they worked with us throughout the project, and the quality of the outputs.

This project has developed very tangible outputs for a really important area of our work!"



Bridget Barker, Fairer Victoria

"Pride by Side are so wonderful to work with. The process is easy, smooth, and stress-free. We cannot thank them enough for the fantastic work they do for nonprofits and small teams.

The initiative and the pairing experience also foster such valuable connection, up-skilling, and goodwill in the community and beyond."

· Adrian Tuazon-McCheyne, The Equality Project


Adrian Tuazon-McCheyne, The Equality Project

"Pride By Side were the perfect intermediaries to help us expand our initiative into LGBTIQ+ causes whilst offering a supportive environment for us to better understand the cultural nuances."

· Helena Grima-Barraza, THE PILLAR INITIATIVE


Helena Grima-Barraza

"As a small charity operating on a shoestring budget we needed support for our social media marketing. The experience was efficient, seamless, and handsfree and we came away with an invaluable piece of marketing strategy for our digital comms.

Pride by Side's mission to help build the capacity of LGBTIQ+ charities like us is such a great initiative that serves our under-resourced communities. We highly recommend Pride by Side!"

· Adrian Tuazon-McCheyne, The Equality Project


Adrian Tuazon-McCheyne, The Equality Project