LGBTIQ+ Capacity Compass 2024


Pointing to Progress is an Australian-first survey to understand and uncover the capacity strengths and challenges of the LGBTIQ+ sector.

Many organisations, initiatives, and projects are working towards improving the lives of queer people and communities. We know there are resourcing and capacity gaps, but without robust data, we can't be sure to what extent.

Submissions for 2024 are now closed and we'll release the national report in the coming weeks—stay tuned or sign up to our newsletter to be notified.


Pointing to Progress and the insights it generates aims to:

· Support LGBTIQ+ initiatives in understanding their own capacity strengths and weaknesses.
· Underpin advocacy efforts and inform policy decisions that build the capacity of LGBITQ+ initiatives.
· Build philanthropists' understanding of resourcing challenges and opportunities.
· Uncover opportunities for both intra and extra-sector collaboration and contribution.
· Create longitudinal insight into the shifting capacity needs of LGBTIQ+ organisations (as the survey is rolled out annually).

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Capacity areas

Pointing to Progress primarily explores LGBTIQ+ initiatives' capacities across the following areas:

1 · Impact and evaluation

2 · Business and Governance

3 · User and ecosystem

4 · branding and communications

5 · Systems and processes

6 · People and Culture

7 · LGBTIQ+ perspectiveS and experience

Who can participate?

The guiding qualification for eligibility is: Does your initiative benefit LGBTIQ+ people or communities?

This can include any non-profit, charity, business, project, grassroots movement, incorporated or non-incorporated project in Australian territory. Initiatives may be queer or allied led.

In addition to clear examples such as LGBTIQ+ charities, other examples may include, but are not limited to:

· Queer collectives
· Pride groups within organisations
· Social enterprises that specifically benefit the LGBTIQ+ community
· Non-profits that have specific sub-projects dedicated to LGBTIQ+ outcomes.

An example of an initiative that would not qualify:
· A queer owned cafe that, beyond ownership, does not benefit the queer community.

If in doubt, get in touch with the Pride by Side team at hello@pridebyside.org.  


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Can I see the questions in advance?
Absolutely! We've compiled the questions into a single document for you to read in advance of completing the survey.

Can I leave the survey midway and return to it later?
Depending on your internet settings, yes—the survey should save your responses as you go.

Who is behind the compass?
Pointing to Progress is an initiative of Pride by Side—an Australian charity dedicated to building the capacities of LGBTIQ+ initiatives in Australia and across the world. The compass is based on Pride by Side's work along with input and support from the amazing folk at The Social Research Centre and The Good Data Institute.

What are your privacy terms?
Pointing to Progress is bound by Pride by Side's data collection and privacy policies. All questions in he survey that ask for personally identifiable information are optional. The results of the national report are anonymised and aggregated.

Can my initiative complete the survey more than once?
We highly recommend a single survey submission for each initiative.

Wait, I can win money for my LGBTIQ+ initiative?
All eligible initiatives that complete the survey go in the running to win AUD$1,500. For more information please see the competition terms and conditions.

What if I still have questions?
Get in touch with the Pride by Side team at hello@pridebyside.org.  


September 2023
Survey development

April, 2024
Survey open nationally

May–June 2024
Analysis of data

Second half of 2024
National report released and accompanying roadshow